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Bitcoin Wallet Review: BC Vault Throws Down the Gauntlet to Trezor

P. H. Madore
The limited edition all-aluminum version of the BC Vault feels like it could withstand some serious trauma. I recommend this more than the base version, if you can get one. | Source: CCN

The Bitcoin hardware wallet space is increasingly active, with new entrants coming up all the time. If you search “hardware wallet” on Amazon, you get dozens of options. The two most well-known companies, of course, are Ledger and Trezor. But a variety of alternatives exist. CCN received two BC Vault review units from a company called Real Security, based out of Slovenia.

From Skeptic to Bitcoin Hardware Wallet User in a Few Simple Steps

I’ll be frank: I’ve always felt that hardware wallets are a “nice to have” when it comes to cryptocurrency. There are real benefits for those looking to hold Bitcoin and other assets long-term. But if you’re more interested in using the tech day-to-day, an added step seems complicated.

Nevertheless, I was eager to try it out to evaluate how difficult it would be. I used a small amount of Bitcoin Cash for my experiment.

bitcoin hardware wallet bc vault

Paper wallets run the risk of damage or fire, but those were what I used to store a lot of crypto for a long time. Unfortunately, I’ve lost most of it. If I’d had a BC Vault, I likely would not have.

BC Vault bitcoin wallet review

Using a hardware storage device like BC Vault gives me the feeling that I will be able to restore lost coins if I take the proper steps. To back up your wallet, you get two options: using QR codes or backing up with an SD card. My device came pre-loaded with a 1GB card. You can store multiple backups, and you’re encouraged to do so at various points.

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