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Can Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies Really Make You Rich?

Can Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies Really Make You Rich?

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins, are currently the words on everyone’s lips. The headlines continuously mention them, and the phenomenon has spread across the web, grasping the public’s attention. While many mention the risk of a financial bubble, others continue to buy cryptocurrencies, making investments with surprising earnings.

Among these conflicting news, this is a legitimate question: can invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies really make us rich? The answer is yes, and to understand this, one merely needs to look back at the story of the surprising growth of virtual coins. It is, however, very important to always choose a reliable trading platform, one which is trustworthy and simple to use.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which have the advantage of decentralization but are currently recognized as valid for payments and transactions. Created with the aim of generating a rapid electronic payment system, globally anonymous and independent from the authorities, they represent a great technological revolution.

The first cryptocurrency to be established was Bitcoin which, founded in 2007 and became a worldwide success. Conceived by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto (probably a pseudonym), Bitcoin made it possible to move millions of dollars in a very simple, fast way. It is unsurprising that at first, Bitcoin debuted in the illegal market, being a safe, reliable and, above all, untraceable means of payment. Soon, however, they entered the world of the great entrepreneurs, who began to use them as a payment system.

This is how the value of Bitcoins began to rise, and nowadays they are worth more than gold. Today, a Bitcoin is worth over $10,000. A huge potential, which the most intelligent investors immediately sniffed out, making use of the best platforms. For this reason, those who invested minimum figures in this cryptocurrency a few years ago, are reaping the benefits of an exponential growth of millions of dollars today.

The twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, famous for having contested the ownership of Facebook, have become billionaires through bitcoins, and today they have nothing to envy against the likes of Zuckerberg. According to industry experts such as Wences Casares, the rise of bitcoins has just begun. The estimate is that by 2030, one bitcoin will be worth $500,000. It is no coincidence that Bill Gates claims that bitcoins are, in fact, better than money.

Bitcoins, however, although they are the most well known, are not the only cryptocurrency on the international scene. Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin are also becoming more important and their prices are growing daily.

It is therefore easy to understand that the cryptocurrency market is very favorable at the moment, and it is not surprising that the investment rush is currently unbridled.

But if it is possible to earn good figures with cryptocurrencies, the next question is: how do I start?

The first step is to choose a reliable, safe and dependable online trading platform, such as FXGM. It is of utmost importance that the platform is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) and that it provides continual assistance and learning tools. FXGM also guarantees safe, easy transfers and supports various different payment methods.

Choosing a reliable platform also helps to keep you up to date with any changes in cryptocurrencies, and to know the best times to maximize your earnings.

This article was originally posted on FX Empire