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Bitfinex Swears It’s Trying Super Hard to Block US Bitcoin Traders

Josiah Wilmoth
Bitfinex promises its trying super-hard to block US bitcoin traders, and it blames the media for not helping it perform KYC. | Source: Shutterstock

Beset with allegations that it is flouting regulations by allowing US bitcoin traders to access its platform, cryptocurrency exchange giant Bitfinex promised that it’s trying super hard to stop that from happening.

Bitfinex Admits US Resident Traded on Its Bitcoin Exchange

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In an official announcement published on Friday, Bitfinex confirmed a report from The Block that a New York resident had managed to open an account called “ImaNYresident.”

After sneakily evading Bitfinex’s security restrictions – read: checking a box that says they pinky-swear they’re not a US resident – ImaNYresident was able to use the bitcoin exchange freely.

It’s not a good look for Bitfinex, which has come under legal scrutiny for allegedly serving US bitcoin traders. The New York Attorney General claims that Bitfinex, along with stablecoin issuer Tether, has offered unlicensed cryptocurrency services to New York residents up to and including 2019.

But the firm promises it’s working super-duper hard to keep its exchange squeaky-clean: “we remind United States persons that they are not welcome on our platform,” the announcement read.

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