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BitLeague offering up to 9% interest rate on its Bitcoin Term Deposit product, is now open for public application on bitleague.com and app

NEW YORK, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BitLeague announces the public launch of Bitcoin Term Deposit product at CONSENSUS 2019. Available from today, the global bitcoin holders can apply on www.bitleague.com and its APP to enjoy up to 9% annual return of their bitcoin savings. 

Bitleague Bitcoin Term Deposit is open for application globally

"The official launch of Bitcoin Term Deposit is a significant step for BitLeague," said BitLeague President Adnan Gilani, who is attending CONSENSUS 2019 in New York. "Our mission is to create a more equal, open financial platform, which brings more benefits to users, grows their wealth, and provides more liquidity to the system. The commercial bank only pays about 2% for one year Certificate of Deposit, we offer 9% fixed rate, this is how we add value to our clients."

The Bitcoin Term Deposit offers many choices on terms, from 3 to 36 months. In next month, BitLeague will also provide $0 commission trading service to buy/sell bitcoins. "Our goal is to help people to adopt the bitcoin, the next generation sound currency for everyone. Through our zero-fee trading service, we offer investors a convenient, zero cost way to invest in bitcoin; and if they want to hold bitcoins for long term value appreciation, they can pick one of our Bitcoin Term Deposits. This is how we offer integrated services to our clients." said Mr. Gilani.

About BitLeague
BitLeague LLC is registered in Delaware, with offices in Palo Alto and New Jersey, offering one-stop crypto financial services globally. The company founders come from Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Google, are dedicated to providing clients with seamless services including Bitcoin Term Deposits, ZERO commission bitcoin trading services. BitLeague is FinCEN registered, and follows the most strict AML/KYC procedures.

Learn more at www.bitleague.com
Twitter: BitLeague_Group


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