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How Black-Owned Small Businesses Are Embracing Their Triple Bottom Line During The Pandemic

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 2, 2021 / The end game for all companies is to make a profit, but that doesn't mean they have to do without respecting their impact on societies and the communities they serve. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. Today, more businesses are embracing what's known as the triple bottom line: a concept that prioritizes people and their ecosystems alongside profit. We are highlighting Supreme Foods Worldwide. Supreme Foods Worldwide is an Atlanta-based Franchise Corporation providing entrepreneurial opportunities for those interested in quick-serve restaurant concepts. Brands under their corporation include Supreme Burger, Supreme Fish Delight, Supreme Vending, Supreme Seniors Meal Service, and the Supreme Family Foundation.

1. How does Supreme Foods Worldwide embrace the triple bottom line? How does your current business and initiatives affect people, both employees, and citizens at large, in the communities you serve?

Supreme Fish Delight was founded in 1980. In 2015, we launched a new concept entitled Supreme Burger under the holding company Supreme Foods Worldwide. Supreme Food Worldwide is a "family business going corporate" with the intent to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to create wealth, jobs, and opportunities through franchising. Our motto has always been "Thank you for being a part of our family" most recently, we coined the slogan, "Eat Supreme, Think Supreme, Live Supreme," which plays on the holistic approach to life: liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We strive for "excellence at a minimum" in everything we do for our company, customers, and our community. Our intent has always been to make money (ROI) and to make a difference in our community.

In addition to Supreme Fish Delight and Supreme Burger, our current business initiatives include Supreme Senior Meal Services and Supreme Family Foundation. We have hired thousands of people over the years and have become a community staple in Metro Atlanta.

"Our Planet"

During the pandemic, the Supreme Family Foundation launched a Senior and Youth meal delivery service that utilities proprietary technology to design routes that are most efficient based on youth and senior citizen's address locations.

Supreme Burger has made several eco-friendly improvements, including transitioning from Styrofoam containers to eco-boxes. We've done away with straws and only offer bottle or canned drinks; we transferred from paper checks to direct deposit and switched to LED lighting in the restaurant and corporate office.


Our core franchise strategy is to reduce food cost, manage labor and increase sales through marketing ads and community engagement. We focus on excellent customer service, great quality food in a clean and friendly environment. Our units become profitable by controlling the supply chain. Our unique differentiator is our halal options which open our franchise system for global expansion.

2. Although the phrase was coined over 25 years ago, the triple bottom line approach to business has only recently been gaining traction across industries as consumers become more interested in supporting companies that align with their beliefs. How has Supreme Foods Worldwide navigated this space?

From a social perspective, we have harnessed both the public and private sector, leveraging unique opportunities to provide impact. Our COVID pivot included the following as it relates to social impact:

●Launched a Halal Meal Program for Muslim Seniors in Metro-Atlanta Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam

●We are now a certified Meals on Wheels Program delivering meals to over 1100 Seniors weekly in Metro-Atlanta.

●We have set up an Emergency Food Distribution site for K-12 students in South DeKalb

●We have partnered with Frontline Food to provide meals to hospital and frontline heroes in the community

●We have partnered with Artportunity Knocks to provide home delivery meals to over 400 youth per week.

●Through our collaboratives, we've provided over 10,000 meals per week for youth and seniors citizens in Metro-Atlanta

Additionally, we have invested in our youth through afterschool programs and cultural exchange. We have hired from transition centers and half-way houses. We have accepted the impact of the COVID environment and provided flexible schedules with our key executives, including accounting, legal, marketing, social media teams working virtually. We engage with our employees and provide opportunities for feedback and encourage ideas that support the growth and sustainability of our franchise system.

3. Can Supreme Foods Worldwide provide an example of taking a triple bottom line approach?

Our approach addresses the Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) initiative. We've expanded our grease trap to capture and reduce the amount of grease flowing in the sewage system. We've installed a new filtration system to recycle oil waste to be used for biofuel. We've also reduced the risk of injury through automation. It's our practice to schedule bi-monthly maintenance and cleaning of our grease traps and oil filtration system, and we encourage our franchisees to do the same. This is a small step to a positive contribution to the environment. By third quarter, 2021, we want to add Tesla charging stations to offer our customers, employees, and the community an option for charging while dining in support of customers that drive EV cars.

4. "Walking the talk" is an expectation that companies must now live up to as the political manifestation of social media enables consumers to call out disingenuous behavior on a global scale. What is Supreme Foods Worldwide's stance on this?

Understanding the challenges of small businesses, we have a unique opportunity to harness the "Culture" for growth and sustainability. Given the "Cancel Culture," the positive pressure is on us as a company to embrace change, encourage constructive criticism and empower the community from an economic and entrepreneurial perspective. With social media, customers can call out red flags and reviews on companies instantly based on their experiences. Similarly, with the triple bottom line, since our brand promotes transparency, cleanliness, and excellence, it is easy for the cancel culture to expose behavior if not aligned with their core values.

5. One of the challenges that companies face is how best to measure the "people" and "impact" aspects of their bottom line. How does Supreme Foods Worldwide measure efforts?

We measure the impact we serve in our restaurants (Supreme Fish Delight and Supreme Burger), through the Supreme Family Foundation, and through Supreme Senior Meals. Supreme Fish Delight has tons of loyal customers for over 40 years, and those customers are now loyal Supreme Burger customers. SFD has also employed multiple generations of family members and has empowered team members to become company managers on a path to franchise ownership. We employee people directly from the community we operate in and give back to the same community through our foundation. The senior citizens, youth, and community partners we provide free meals for call and send thank you cards all the time to let us know how grateful they are for our services. Since COVID, our foundation has served over 340,000 meals throughout the Atlanta community. The largest measurement that reflects our impact is that we're still in business and expanding our brand and services during a global pandemic. When so many other major quick-service restaurants are closing their doors, Supreme Foods Worldwide continues to provide quality food to the communities we love.

We have:

· expanded our Mission to include Food Security

· launched COVID-19 safety procedures as approved by the CDC

· partnered with Frontline Foods to provide meals to frontline workers in hospitals

· retained all our employees, hired additional drivers

· donated over 100K in food services, meals, labor, supplies to senior citizens

· leveraged both our for-profit & nonprofit to survive COVID-19






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SOURCE: Supreme Foods Worldwide

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