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Black Pearl Mail Moves Headquarters to Arizona; Handpicks Key Executives to Further Company’s Growth


AZ Crown leads the funding round for the smart email platform, moves company operations primarily to the U.S.

Black Pearl Mail, the provider that transforms email into a smart digital marketing tool, today announced they have finalized the move of their headquarters from Wellington, New Zealand to Scottsdale, Arizona. Black Pearl is hiring and expanding in the Valley while also growing their R&D hub in Wellington, New Zealand. The company is backed by the venture capital fund AZ Crown, who has worked alongside Black Pearl Mail to assemble a seasoned leadership team. Most recently, the company welcomed aboard Cherryl Pressley as Chief Executive Officer and Corey Frank as Chief Revenue Officer.

“Black Pearl Mail is not just another email platform; it’s a powerful marketing analytics technology that transforms email from simply a ‘dumb’ tool with minimal actionable data insights into a ‘smart’ hub that delivers optimal experiences for an organization’s customers,” says Tim Crown, principal of AZ Crown Investments & Chairman of the Board of Black Pearl Mail. “This technology helps customers maximize email use as a digital marketing channel, something they use every day but hasn’t historically yielded much in the way of marketing results. I’m also extremely pleased about the additions of our CEO and CRO to our executive team, and am eager to see just how far we go from here.”

Black Pearl’s new CEO Pressley comes from a strong leadership background, having spent the last 14 years at Microsoft in various senior leadership roles. Her most recent role was leading strategy and sales for Microsoft’s global distribution partner network. Frank, the company’s new CRO, is known for co-founding KnowledgeNet, which was acquired by Thomson Reuters, as well as co-founding two other venture funded tech companies in the valley, The 41st Parameter (acquired by Experian) and StormWind Studios. The Black Pearl Mail executive team also currently includes Black Pearl founder Nick Lissette, now in his new role as Director & CTO, and Tim Crown as Chairman of the Board.

“Our founder, Nick Lissette set an aspirational vision when he created Black Pearl Mail, and now we’re perfectly positioned to realize that vision,” says Cherryl Pressley, CEO of Black Pearl Mail. “The move of our headquarters to Scottsdale has opened up numerous possibilities for the company and allowed us to work with wonderful partners such as AZ Crown. While my role as CEO is new, I’ve served on the board of Black Pearl Mail for the past 18 months and I’ve been extremely impressed with the product and company potential. We now have the key players in place and I'm confident great things are to come.”

To learn more or request a demo, please visit https://www.blackpearlmail.com/signup-request/.

About Black Pearl

Founded in 2014, Black Pearl Mail is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that helps companies increase their brand and grow revenues. Black Pearl has been engineered to integrate with Microsoft's O365 as well as G-Suite and on-premise email systems. It is a true force-multiplier for traditional works on any email system and integrates with marketing & sales integration tools like Marketo and Salesforce.com. By providing companies with powerful email signatures, simplified email signature management and the ability to use every day email as a digital marketing channel, Black Pearl Mail is amplifying what companies can do with email, one of their most-used, and least-utilized tools. The company is now headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, also has a growing R&D hub in Wellington, New Zealand. To learn more, please visit www.blackpearlmail.com.

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