Black Swan Graphene CEO discusses concrete supply chain partnership with Nationwide Engineering

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Toronto --News Direct-- Black Swan Graphene

Black Swan Graphene CEO Simon Marcotte joins Proactive's Natalie Stoberman to discuss details behind the company's strategic partnership between Nationwide Engineering Research and Development (NERD) and Arup Group to create an integrated supply chain.

Marcotte says the partnership between Black Swan and NERD includes an equity swap where each company will own approximately 5% of the outstanding shares of the other. He adds the execution of a supply agreement between the two companies will see NERD sourcing its graphene requirements from Black Swan.

The partnership is also joined by Arup, which is expected to enter into a partnership with NERD. Marcotte explains that the partnerships between Black Swan and NERD, and between NERD and Arup, are intended to enhance expertise and create an integrated supply chain aimed at accelerating the adoption of graphene-enhanced concrete globally.

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