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Blackberry pops on phone release, Bed Bath and Beyond surges on earnings

Time for your hump day dose of Trending Tickers, the stocks that you're tracking as measured by Yahoo Finance ticker searches:

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) - Shares are higher by more than 6%. The "towels 'n stuff" retail chain still trying to recover from an uncharacteristic miss last Christmas. Sales growth is still a problem but earnings are getting a boost from decent margins and a monster buyback. Bed Bath... shares still down about 17% for 2014.

KB Homes (KBH) -  The stock is getting torched by 5%. The home builder missed estimates on both the top and bottom line by a country mile. Management says demand trends are strong but delays in construction and mortgage closings pushed some deliveries into the next quarter. Keep an eye on those mortgages, folks. The Fed can keep rates at zero forever but if human beings can't get loans all you're going to get for it is a bunch of stock buybacks. That's no problem for the broader market but it's little solace for KB Holders today.

Blackberry (BBRY) -  Shares are higher because they released a phone. This officially marks the end of me caring about smartphones for another year. Seriously. I'm done. Former Blackberry exec Alicia Keys was the center of a provocative piece in last weekend's New York Times. She's moved on with her life perhaps we should as well.

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