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De Blasio wants universal health care, no matter immigration status

Blair Shiff

New York Mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio has said all undocumented New Yorkers should receive health care.

But how will that system stop people from swarming into the country to take advantage of the system, thus putting the burden on American citizens? De Blasio says that very rarely happens.

"People who are documented have not come here in search of quote-unquote benefits, we just have never seen that historically," de Blasio told FOX Business' "Bulls & Bears" on Tuesday. "Why should undocumented people get health care? First, there's 11 or 12 million people here, part of our economy, part of our communities, they're not going anywhere, that's the reality, and second ... a lot of them are going to the emergency room. Guess who's paying anyway? We are. And they're getting health care the worst way, the most expensive way."

De Blasio says he doesn't want anyone to end up in an emergency room when they could get health care another way.

"If you got a lot of people in your community who don't have health care, that's a good way to spread disease," de Blasio said.


De Blasio thinks a better way to lower taxpayers' health care costs is to ensure immigrants get less expensive care than they would in an emergency room.

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