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Blockchain company expands services in bid to offer Americans new way to access healthcare

HOUSTON, May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The CareX Blockchain Platform will soon be adding dental services to the list of discounted healthcare options on offer.

"Dental is often separated from health coverage," said CareX CEO Mike Bishop. "We want to help bridge that gap."

Dental clinics offering everything from basic teeth cleaning and examinations to oral surgery are joining the Texas-based company's marketplace of healthcare services. Patients purchase the steeply discounted services using cryptographically secured tokens. The same tokens will be able to cover a wide variety of healthcare services, from basic preventive care to more complex and specialized treatments.

CareX has inked deals with several types of innovative medical treatments not typically covered by insurance, including national stem cell provider Biogenix.

"Our goal is to help people find affordable healthcare by enabling greater choice and transparency," said CareX COO Jackson Adams. "Many are willing to travel in order to save a lot on their medical bills. For healthcare providers, this is as an opportunity to expand their business."

By posting prices for services in CARE, providers are able to attract patients from around the country and even the world.

"The more patients coming into a practice, the cheaper the per patient costs," explained Dr. Brian Flowers, a CareX Medical Board Advisor. "That's a virtuous cycle which could really benefit everyone. Many providers rely on big networks to bring the business to them, but this limits their income and puts a strain on their costs."

Since CARE Tokens are registered on a blockchain, they are essentially borderless and secured from cyber attack.

"As prices for health coverage go up by double digits again, we know that many Americans and their employers are willing to rethink how they access healthcare," said Adams. "We cannot wait on the government for a solution, we need to come up with one ourselves."

Learn more about the CareX Blockchain Platform at https://carex.tech

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