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Blockcloud Brings Future Internet Fever into Malaysia


On September 29th, the ninth stop of Blockcloud’s global meetups concluded successfully in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Being the first underlying protocol-level project across the world, Blockcloud boasts a globally advanced Future Internet technological system and an elite group of scientists. It has aroused extensive attention not only amongst the experts and scholars in Malaysia but also the enthusiasts of blockchain, and Blockcloud has become a superstar across the local technology circles right away.

During this meetup, Blockcloud team deeply felt a great passion from local specialists, official media as well as enthusiasts of blockchain. In return for their enthusiasm, the team shared Blockcloud’s ideas on the project together with the latest updates with them face to face. As the blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP, Blockcloud combines the advantages of blockchain and Future Internet technology to fully improve the mobility, credibility, incentives, security, fairness, and scalability of the current Internet, and also contribute to the rapid development of CDN (content distribution network), IoT, the high-speed mobile network, and the blockchain network.

Core members of the Blockcloud project come from top research institutions. Over 50% of the core team members hold a Ph.D.; the advisory board includes two IEEE Fellows, 5 National Distinguished Scientists and 15 professors.

The excellent team of scientists received fervent concern and positive feedback from Malaysian friends who are attracted by Blockcloud’s innovative idea to improve and upgrade the existing Internet via the SCN blockchain architecture, and the team’s strong research capability to deliver a project.

Blockcloud has established communities in languages like Chinese, English, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Arabic, and has won support of over 200,000 blockchain enthusiasts. Blockcloud communities aim to share the consensus of the global blockchain industry and deliver the value of Future Internet and blockchain technology. Blockcloud encourages followers to contribute to the community, and a generous reward for the contribution is guaranteed. In the recently conducted KYC and community contribution plan, nearly 20,000 followers from 108 countries and regions participated, and top contributors received far more rewards than ordinary contributors.

With the innovative architecture, the first-class technological strength, and the broad community support, Blockcloud will have a prosperous future.

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