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Blockcloud Global Meetup Vietnam Stop: For Global Consensus & International Community


From the 15th and 17th of September, 2018, the Blockcloud Global Meetup arrived at its 8th stop: Hanoi, Vietnam, with the mission to gather professionals in the global blockchain industry, deliver the value of Future Internet and blockchain technology, as well as build a broader and stronger community.

As an honored guest at the Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets Dialogue Conference, Dr. Zhongxing Ming, CEO of the world's first protocol-level project Blockcloud, gave a detailed introduction to the technical issues in the area of blockchain, the prospects of Future Internet technology and the development progress of Blockcloud, attracting the attention of many authoritative media, experts and scholars.

At the Blockcloud Meetup held at the Candlelight Hotel in Hanoi on the evening of September 17th, Dr. Zhongxing Ming gave a speech on "How will Blockcloud upgrade and evolve the current Internet". He also discussed topics such as the technical system, implementation plans, etc. with the Blockchain enthusiasts, authoritative media, influencers and experts.

After the Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets Dialogue Conference, Dr. Zhongxing Ming talked with Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum, who was also an honored guest, saying that Blockcloud aimed to upgrade and revolutionize the current Internet to enable TCP/IP to be better adapted to the future network development. Vitalik showed his interests and expressed optimism about the development of Blockcloud. Dr. Zhongxing Ming and Vitalik also discussed the direction of Liberal Radicalism and the potential of cooperation in this field. Dr. Zhongxing Ming indicated that the zero-knowledge proof and sharding technology have a good application prospect in the field of blockchain.

Blockcloud has achieved outstanding accomplishments in the recently concluded KYC and community contribution plan, with more than 15,000 registrants from 108 countries and regions. Vietnam is among the countries with the highest participation rate. How will Blockcloud achieve the win-win cooperation in Vietnam? Perhaps as one Vietnamese expert said, the Future Internet is a high-profile development trend, and the scientist team and internationalized community of Blockcloud will strongly promote the development and launch of the project.

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