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Blockcloud, a Protocol-Level Solution Aiming to Be Game Changer


After IBM announced 1,800 new jobs in France earlier this year, Blockchain has grown to become one of the most wanted technologies in almost every industry. Connecting blockchain and IoT could be a dreadful task, but Blockcloud could be the solution.

As an advanced blockchain-based TCP/IP, Blockcloud provides constant connectivity to multiple networks, allowing Blockchain technology to be more effectively applied in different industries.

The rising importance of stable and effective underlying protocol has been addressed by multiple Blockcloud chain experts over the past few years. Many, including one of the founding fathers of Blockchain Burterin, pointed out that underlying protocol is the future of Blockchain and IoT.

Burterin’s view was echoed by Blockcloud, a rising start up aiming to apply blockchain in multiple industries from automobiles to smart healthcare.

Through a service-centric network, Blockcloud separates the identity of an IP address from its location semantics. Without handling complex IP addresses, applications will be able to establish connections directly with service names. Everyone on the network is able to access and contribute to the distributed storage, computing, services, even pricing and rule making. This creates a fairer, and more transparent system which not only solves issues like credibility but also benefits all service providers in the long run.

In addition, Blockcloud protocol is constantly evolving with its layered design. Each layer provides a distinct level of functionality. By arranging two layers in the control plane and two layers in the service plane, Blockcloud can significantly improve management and safety despite of the size of devices they are connecting.

Over the past years, multiple application and case studies have proven Blockcloud has significantly improved safety and mobility of the existing network. As an underlying protocol, Blockcloud will continue to support developers with more trustworthy and effective application of blockchain.

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