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Blockcloud Talks About Future Internet at ACTE 2018


On August 25th, The Australia-China Trade Expo (ACTE 2018) was held in Melbourne, Australia. The conference gathered outstanding representatives from Australia and China to discuss international industry hotspots and the latest global policies. It is worth noting that at the special blockchain branch of this conference, the Blockcloud project was invited to talk about the future Internet and held a roadshow.

Blockcloud is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP. The team holds a world-leading position in the research of Future Internet, which leverages the blockchain technology to improve and upgrade the underlying Internet Protocol TCP/IP and will bring huge improvements to the existing network and provide constant connectivity for dynamic networks. The project community is very popular. Up to now, the Blockcloud community has gathered nearly 200,000 blockchain enthusiasts from over 20 countries and regions to share opinions in different languages such as Chinese, English, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, etc.

At the blockchain branch, Dr. Zhongxing Ming, CEO of Blockcloud, said, “Blockcloud as a new generation of TCP/IP based on Blockchain technology can upgrade and improve the existing Internet in a fully compatible way, enabling TCP/IP to better adapt to current and future network developments.” Walter Villagonzalo, Mayor of Wyndham, Australia, said, “Wyndham City hopes to develop the Blockchain and have more in-depth cooperation with Blockcloud.”

As the world is embarking on the research of Future Internet, it is foreseeable that the potential of Future Internet is immeasurable. It is worth looking forward to the future of Blockcloud, which focuses on this and has core technologies.

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