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Blocking World Cup Spoilers Is This Browser Extension’s GOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLL

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

(Massimo Pinca/Associated Press)

The 2014 World Cup is nearly upon us, and that means a good part of the Internet won’t be able to shut up about soccer for the next month. Because the games will be taking place in Brazil, chances are you won’t be in the right time zone to catch every single showdown.

If you plan to TiVo, and don’t want match outcomes ruined, you should consider installing a handy spoiler blocker in your browser, so that your World Cup doesn’t turn into a World COME ON I Was Gonna Watch That Later!

The Fetch TV-made extension will block out any World Cup-related stuff you happen upon as you surf the Web. The tool scans every website and social feed for countries, team names, and football terms to evaluate what needs to be covered up when you visit.

And depending on your particular allegiance, you can choose to block spoilers with the custom colors of the country you’re rooting for. When you arrive at a website, the extension might warn you at the top just how many spoilers await you below, warning you to scroll at your own risk. In cases where a website is just one big, fat spoiler, the entire window will be covered up, warning you of the content, like so:

You can always choose to bypass the image blocking you by clicking Unblock.

Of course, this tool can’t actually tell if content will truly reveal the results of a particular match. It’s more of a big blanket for all soccer-related content on the Internet. If you want to somehow read about the World Cup without seeing anything about the results of a certain game, you’re on your own.

You can get it for Chrome right now, and for Firefox soon, hopefully before Brazil and Croatia kick off the cup on June 12. Cue the vuvuzelas.

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