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Bloom Intelligence Helping Restaurants Save At-Risk Customers: Success Report

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Bloom Intelligence, a leader in WiFi marketing & location analytics, is helping restaurants and retail chains around the country dramatically decrease customer churn (attrition) rates and increase customer loyalty. Bloom measures customer behavior at physical locations without customers logging into WiFi, builds large, clean customer databases with detailed customer profiles, and provides marketing growth tools that trigger based upon customer presence on or off location.

Bloom's real-time customer intelligence tracks customer behavior and creates customer insight that is used to automatically trigger customer reacquisition campaigns, surveys, offers and messages. All campaigns are tracked down to customers returning to the location.

Bloom's customer churn machine learning algorithm recognizes each customer's frequency distribution and predicts when they should return based upon their frequency pattern.  If that date passes and the customer has yet to return, they are tagged as being at-risk of churning. If an at-risk campaign is configured, Bloom will send an automated message to the customer asking them to come back.

Many restaurateurs add an incentive to the message, such as a free appetizer. Users can configure their at-risk campaign based upon Bloom's algorithm, or upon the number of days since a customer has been sensed at their locations.

This strategy works extremely well.  Bloom's restaurant partners are slashing customer attrition rates in half, up to 38% of all at-risk customers targeted become active customers again. This increases customer lifetime values and decreases costs associated with acquiring new customers.  

"Our clients always come first, and we're proud to consistently add sophisticated new tools to help them grow their business," said William Wilson, Founder/CEO of Bloom Intelligence. "The restaurant industry is extremely competitive and customer churn is a major concern that simply must be dealt with. That's why we're thrilled to see our clients experiencing such great results."

Restaurateurs can not only save at-risk customers, but they have access to a platform of growth tools to optimize operations and automate marketing campaigns.

Bloom has released a new Customer Churn Report in which real-world examples and details of at-risk reacquisition campaigns are revealed.

About Bloom Intelligence

The Bloom Intelligence WiFi marketing & customer intelligence platform provides multi-unit chain locations with location analytics, customer profiles, and a marketing hub to grow their businesses. Since 2015, Bloom Intelligence software-as-a-service platform has expanded nationally and internationally focusing on the restaurant and retail verticals.


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