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Bloomberg Campaign Turns To Memes To Get Him Elected

Shivdeep Dhaliwal

Michael Bloomberg is bombarding his social media accounts with memes to bolster his presidential campaign.

It’s Raining Memes 

Bloomberg’s latest advertisement campaign was created by Meme 2020, the company that is behind some of the biggest Instagram meme accounts such as @tank.sinatra and Jerry Media. The 77-year-old presidential candidate’s posts on Instagram have a mix of jokes, photos, and content, according to Forbes.

The chief executive of Meme 2020 Mick Purzycki is considered to be a “powerful force” in the realm of influencers, according to the New York Times.

Purzycki and Jerry Media are no strangers to controversy. Jerry Media first started out as @fuckjerry Instagram account, which was accused of using stolen jokes. 

The meme campaign started this week and has placed memes across Instagram accounts such as @GrapeJuiceBoys, which has more than 2.7 followers. Jerry Media has another 13.3 million followers, while @Tank.Sinatra has 2.3 million. All these accounts posted “fake” but hilarious DMs from Bloomberg. 

The advertisements carried disclosure that they were promotions, although some of the disclosures were meant to be supposedly humorous as well. One account posted, “yes this is really #sponsored by @mikebloomberg.”

Bloomberg Doubles Up Social Media Spending

Bloomberg is working on revamping his online image and has offered so-called micro-influencers – those with 1,000 to 100,000 followers a fixed fee of $150 for original content on the social marketing agency Tribe.

According to the Daily Beast, a posting on Tribe asks influencers to bid for the gig, saying, “Are you sick of the chaos & infighting overshadowing the issues that matter most to us? Please express your thoughts verbally or for still image posts please overlay text about why you support Mike.”

The war over social media is heating up. Wall Street Journal reported that Bloomberg has already spent $47 million on Facebook and Google advertisements, while Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden have spent a combined amount of $41 million. 

Data compiled by NBC News shows that Bloomberg has spent more than $1 million a day on average in the past two weeks alone on Facebook, and he has already surpassed Trump’s spending. 

Bloomberg’s increase in ad spending is due to his focus on the “Super Tuesday” states that would vote from March 3 and after.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Bloomberg's Twitter

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