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Bloomberg compares ‘bully’ Trump to Means Girls’ Regina George and Biff from Back to the Future in new advert

Chris Riotta
Getty Images

Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire who launched a late bid for the White House with a series of adverts lambasting Donald Trump, has released another advert likening the president to famous bullies.

The ad shows several clips of Mr Trump hurling insults and making incendiary comments at campaign rallies, during interviews and in speeches, beginning with a moment from a rally in which the president said: “Go home to mommy … go home … bye!” as a protestor was being forced out of the venue.

Those clips are then interspersed with infamous lines from some of the most popular contemporary films, including Mean Girls and Back to the Future.

At one moment, Mr Trump can be seen saying: “She’s also guilty of stupidity.”

The ad then flashes to a clip from Mean Girls, the 2004 teen comedy, in which the main protagonist Regina George shouted at her friend: “God, Karen, you are so stupid!”

The ad also featured Buford “Biff” Howard Tannen, the main antagonist in the Back to the Future trilogy.

A video of the president shouting to his security, “Get him the hell out of here, would you?” then jumps to a clip from the film showing Biff holding Michael J Fox’s character Marty McFly by the neck as he said: “Why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here.”

Mr Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City who was one of the last candidates to launch a presidential campaign during the Democratic primaries, posted the ad to his Twitter account on Saturday night.

Referring to the president, Mr Bloomberg wrote: “He lies. He bullies. He gets away with it.”

“Our kids are watching Donald Trump,” he added. “Is this the lesson we want them to learn?”

Mr Bloomberg has continued to steadily release ads deriding the president for his past controversial comments, releasing them on TV in key battleground states while seeking the Democratic nomination.

The billionaire snubbed Iowa and New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation votes, a move critics said was reflective of his apparent efforts to buy support through ads in the primaries rather than campaigning in the early voting states seen as crucial for securing the nomination.

His ads have allegedly sent Mr Trump into a melt down, as the president reportedly stewed over one specific ad from Mr Bloomberg that discussed his “girth”.

The president has fired back at the former New York City mayor, dubbing him “Mini Mike”, seemingly exaggerating claims about Mr Bloomberg’s height, and claiming he was “part of the Fake News” in a tweet.