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Bloomberg: Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will launch on October 9th

Chris Smith

The Pixel 3 is hardly a secret at this point. We know everything about the phone, and while Google may surprise the audience with little things, it’s unlikely we’ll be shocked by any Pixel 3 revelations. A bunch of Pixel 3 XL pre-release phones were stolen and sold to Russian and Ukrainian bloggers, who then went to town on them.

Pixel fans are likely excited about the new phones and can’t wait to buy them. But sadly it looks like they’ll still have to wait more than a month to get their hands on either the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL.

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Buried in a Bloomberg report that focuses on Apple’s new iPhones and its plans for the iPhone event in September is this little paragraph:

The [2018 iPhone] launch comes on the heels of Samsung Electronics Co. introducing its larger Note 9 smartphone. Alphabet Inc.’s Google also plans to debut new Pixel phones on Oct. 9 at a media event in New York City, other people familiar with the plans said. A Google spokeswoman declined to comment.

Google hosted its last Pixel events on October 4th in San Francisco, and the first Pixel unveiling was also on  October 4th two years ago. So, of course we were not surprised to see an earlier leak that claimed October 4th would be the Pixel 3’s launch date.

But it looks like Google is looking to ditch both its home in San Francisco, as well as the early-October launch we’ve been accustomed to — October 9th falls on a Tuesday in mid-October.

If Bloomberg’s source has accurate information, Google will release the Pixel 3 nearly a month after the 2018 iPhones hit store shelves. The new iPhones are rumored to be released on September 21st, with Apple expected to unveil them on September 12th. The Pixel 3 will likely reach consumers at some point in late October.

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