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Blount’s Numbahs: S&P iffy but up

William Blount

08 27 2014 5 min SPX 150x84 Blounts Numbahs: S&P iffy but up
08 26 2014 5 min SPX 1 150x74 Blounts Numbahs: S&P iffy but up

good morning – today is series s4L slight iffy and the SPILL is UP.Yesterday’s chart took the count down to the sub-minuette level and those are the numbers found within { } marks. and provided the grist for real time comment “ blood red 3 possibly fixed”. 
If the count is right and not just mechanically valid then the market is headed to blood red 4. (ESU14:CME)

There are a couple supportive pieces for this : the Meredith window closed at noon yesterday and the high is 1905.04 cash, barely within MOE for the 2007 cited lip,and 11:30 a.m.

By inference , the current larger count would only mark Meredith as a lesser swing play DOWN

to the blood red 4 and a non-event on any higher high today.It also requires a movement of the

overlap price down to 1944.9 CASH from 1964.04 cash.This is a sop thrown to the bears because until I can pin a tail on the  “(4) was right & now is FIND THE (5)” by assigning a (5)

there literally is no BEAR COUNT of true importance.Now the subjective term here is “importance’ as sardine seiners set their lives around the sub-minuet-which is why the last three sentences of yesterday commentary were:


“ .If the count is correct , then the drop to BLOOD RED 4 can begin anytime and should be from a price less than the 2007 cash MOE.The only surprise would be a move thought the 2014 cash area PRIOR  to blood red 4 being nailed in place.So, do you want to LIFO some , raise stops, avoid the 4 all together , or just ride it out??? “

That’s all folks , as that paragraph and today’s commentary parameterize everything plain and simple SPOTS, TA, ROUNDIES …

  FV -2.24   NUMBAHS  S4L SLIGHT IFFY  08/27/ 2014  SEPT  2014 contract

          DAILY                                                                               WEEKLY

          PIVOT   1999.7                                                                 1980.2

          S1  1996.2                                                                      1969.0

          S2  1983.9                                                                      1950.1

          R1  2007.7                                                                      1999.1

          R2  2004.9                                                                      2010.3

        MAX H  2007.2                                                                  2029.2

        MAX L  1990.7                                                                  1938.9                                                               

        Range Projections

        1997.8-2003.3 Primary                                                  1974.6-2004.7

        1995.1-2000.6 Alternate                                                 1959.6-1989.7



        2002.5  HIGH                                                                     1991.5

        2004.5  LOW                                                                     1992.1                                                                                  


         TWO DAY

        2017.0-2020.6  HIGH

        1978.9-1982.5  LOW

       OPG 1997.5                                                                        1963.0

         H 2002.5                                                                          1991.5                                                     

         L 1997.0                                                                           1961.4

         C1998.6                                                                           1987.8