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Blue J Legal Named Emerging Legal Technology Leader By The National Law Journal

TORONTO, Feb. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue J Legal, the company behind the game-changing AI-powered predictive tax law software, was recognized today by The National Law Journal as a 2020 Emerging Legal Technology leader. Blue J Legal is known for its innovative Tax Foresight product, which accurately predicts court outcomes, bringing more accessibility, clarity and transparency to the law. 

Blue J Legal was named in the second edition of the 'Emerging Legal Technologies' issue, a special supplement developed by The National Law Journal. The issue contains extensive profiles on leading technology companies who play a significant role in democratizing the legal process for legal firms and departments across the United States. Named alongside Blue J Legal are several well-known brands that have also been able to transform the way law firms operate.

"We are honored to be recognized for our contributions to advancing the practice of law," said Benjamin Alarie, CEO and co-founder of Blue J Legal. "We believe that the legal system has the potential to operate transparently, and through our recent technology developments, we have moved one step closer to making this happen. We thank the National Law Journal for this recognition, and look forward to continuing to push the envelope."

Blue J Legal has enacted positive change by bringing greater clarity to the law, offering predictions on case scenarios with 90% accuracy. Its innovative solutions enable accountants and tax lawyers to validate their positions with data-backed insights and find relevant cases faster than ever before. 

Tax Foresight is currently being used across law and accounting firms of all sizes, including those among the AmLaw 100 and the Big Four Accounting firms. 

About Blue J Legal
Blue J Legal uses proprietary data and machine learning algorithms to predict court outcomes with 90% accuracy. Its AI-powered platforms enable lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to support their positions with data-backed insights, research comprehensively and demonstrate due diligence. Blue J is on a mission to bring absolute clarity to the law, everywhere and on-demand. 

For more information, visit www.bluejlegal.com.


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