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Marcus Stroman pushes back against 'negative narrative' amid trade rumours

Toronto Blue Jays star Marcus Stroman is rejecting the idea that he's on the trade block because of his personality. (Getty Images)

Toronto Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman is pushing back against the perception that his personality is one of the contributing factors to why he’s on the trade block.

A fan listened to “Tim and Sid” and interpreted that Sportsnet’s Tim Micallef was suggesting that Stroman should be traded because of “cultural” reasons, a notion that Toronto’s lone all-star rejected entirely.

It’s not the first time Stroman has taken issue with Micallef’s characterization of him this year, either.

However, Micallef didn’t make that suggestion on his own, merely hedging why the Blue Jays would entertain trading him.

Here is the case Micallef made:

Let me attempt to explain this to you in the reasons why the Jays would be trading him at the age of 28 and being fifth in the AL in ERA, third in the AL in road ERA at 2.60, why would they want to trade a guy like that?

I'm going to give you two reasons why. And I think that it hasn't been discussed enough. If the Jays aren't willing to give the 28-year-old a long term deal, which I am okay with if they did it - but if we've gotten to this point and there is no long term deal, nor any chatter around a long term deal, I would suggest to you that the Toronto Blue Jays and their management don't believe Marcus Stroman is a good enough influence on the kids and they would like him to get out of that clubhouse and that's why he would be on the trading block.

The only other reason that I can see why they would have him on the trading block is that at 28, they're looking at the rest of the American League East and saying 'dear God the Yankees are good and young' 'the Red Sox are good and young at some very key positions', and 'the Rays are really good.’

It’s easy to see why Stroman is growing frustrated with the perception of him, starring for a Blue Jays team who appear to be amid a rebuild, while he continues to submit a stellar season despite gaining little run support.

Whether Stroman is indeed dealt to the New York Yankees, or another suitor, it seems clear that he’s enjoyed his time in Toronto. If other parties don’t believe so, he’ll be quick to tell you otherwise.

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