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Blue Jays prospect Anthony Kay continues exploring Canadian culture

CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 07: Anthony Kay #27 of the National League Futures Team pitches during the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game at Progressive Field on Sunday, July 7, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Being traded to the Toronto Blue Jays is unlike being traded to any other organization in all of Major League Baseball.

Not only is a player tasked with the usual learning new teammates and clubhouse etiquette and managerial staff, one being added to the Blue Jays franchise also has a whole new country’s worth of unique characteristics to learn about.

Anthony Kay, one of the pitchers that came the other way in the Marcus Stroman deal last month, has been embracing this challenge head on since being added to the only Canadian baseball franchise’s depth chart.

Right after being traded to the team Kay solicited advice on Twitter in search of a crash course on Canadian customs and traditions, ranging from which hockey team to cheer for to why milk comes in bags. (We’re looking at you for that answer, Danny Green.)

On Sunday, armed with his newfound information about the Great White North, Kay dug into a care package detailing the most important adjustment to make when being introduced to Canadian culture: exclusive junk food.

Before we go any further: Jos Louis are an elite elementary school lunch bag dessert, and I will not be taking comments to the contrary.

The rest of the haul is full of Canadian-only goodness, like Smarties (the real chocolate ones, not the rockets candy), Coffee Crisps, ketchup chips, and all-dressed chips.

There are plenty of standards missing — he can hit up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. for poutine reviews — but Kay gets to the heart of the matter after an hour with the goodie bag, laying out his review on the chips.

Kay gives the ketchup Lays a 4/10, which fits the divisive nature of the snack, as it is as love-hate a chip as you will find. The Ruffles all-dressed clearly impressed the 24-year-old pitcher, as he handed them a perfect 10/10 score complete with triple exclamation points.

With a 3.05 ERA in his first four starts with the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons, it may not be long until Kay is actually living in Toronto and able to pick up some of these exclusive treats on his own instead of relying on a care package.

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