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Blueface's Jury Trial Date Has Been Set

Jose Martinez

Blueface is headed for a jury trial next month for his arrest over charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon late last year. 

Born Johnathan Porter, Blueface was detained on Nov. 16, 2018 following an incident on the State Route 14 freeway in California where he was allegedly involved in vehicle-to-vehicle gunfire, which ended with the vehicle carrying the 22-year-old rapper crashing into a center divider. Prior to the shootout, Porter was reportedly the victim of a robbery attempt at a gas station in Newhall.  

Three months after the shooting, Blueface was cuffed again when authorities responded to a call about rappers roaming the downtown L.A. area while wearing expensive jewelry and carrying around large amounts. The unexpected police visit was due to the LAPD's concern over the group's safety in such a high-crime neighborhood. His entourage allegedly reacted to their presence by attempting to hide their guns in the bushes before fleeing. 

When the police arrived, Blueface was allegedly sitting in his car by himself. The ditched loaded guns was eventually found, and he was arrested along with two others. He was charged with felony possession of carrying a loaded firearm, but was released on $35,000 bail. The charge carries a possible sentence of three years in prison.

His manager Wack 100 maintains Blueface's innocence, claiming that surveillance footage will prove he did nothing wrong, and if fingerprints were run on any of the guns found, none of them will match up the rapper's fingerprints. 

The jury trial for his November 2018 arrest is set for Aug. 16.