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This blemish lotion gets rid of annoying zits overnight — and it changed my skin

An unwanted zit comes at the worst times. I'm confident in saying I've found the product that can fight those breakouts in one night. (Photo: Getty Images)

It feels like annoying zits always bubble up the week of a big event. Getting ready for a wedding, a birthday, an interview or a big trip is always paired with an unfortunate breakout — and I thought this just happened to me.

But there are plenty of studies on how stress can affect skin. Obviously there are a few factors into getting a zit or two (like age and hormones), but it’s been found that stress definitely can trigger a breakout. It’s not just in teens, either. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 15 percent of adult women have acne and that number is on the rise.

Since the issue of acne is so vast, we have a slew of treatments to choose from. There are aisles upon aisles of skincare in supermarkets, drugstores and even dedicated retailers like Ulta and Sephora. It’s honestly overwhelming.

Reading label upon label and judging a cream, a gel, a mist, a scrub (the list goes on, you get it) is hard, so I usually leave empty-handed and in a panic.

There are two things my dermatologists have taught to look for when finding acne products: salicylic and glycolic acids. According to the Mayo Clinic, salicylic acid helps prevent clogged pores and glycolic acids treat acne by removing dead skin cells and reducing inflammation. Basically, a zit-fighting power couple.

Because of this advice, I was immediately drawn to M61’s PowerSpot Blemish Lotion. It has my go-to ingredients and a sulfur component, which I learned is often combined with the two acids to powerfully remove excess oils and dead skin responsible for those surprise zits.

m-61 PowerSpot Lotion (Photo: bluemercury)

When I first opened the small bottle, I thought I’d use it up within a week. But it’s surprisingly long-lasting (I’ve had the same bottle for a few months) because a little goes a long way with the spot treatment.

Since it’s wedding season, I’ve been using it pretty frequently for those pre-wedding breakouts I always get.

To use the product, I wash and cleanse my face before bedtime, then use a cotton ball with the PowerSpot formula and dab on any problem areas on my face.

The smell is strong, so I was nervous it might irritate my face, but instead it actually felt really good. This is probably because of the soothing cucumber, aloe and tea tree oil found in the formula.

I didn’t think a lot would happen overnight, but after a solid 8 hours of sleep, I woke up and saw an incredible reduction in both size and redness for the unwelcome friend. It looked like a weeks-old problem spot — barely noticeable and not at all bothersome.

I also noticed that I’ve had no issues with dry skin in the area I use the blemish lotion on. My skin actually feels softer after using it.

Luckily, I’ve gotten over my big breakout phase of my teen years, but there’s always going to be some random pimple that decides to pop up when I least expect — or want — it to. That’s why I can’t recommend this product enough for anyone.

It’s like a magic potion I keep locked away (in my toiletry cabinet) but always rely on.

Shop it: M61 PowerSpot Blemish Lotion, $16, bluemercury.com

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