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BlumbergExcelsior Amends Statement of Client's Rights Wall Plaques for New York

New York Statement of Client's Rights Plaque Revised April 2013 Click here for high-resolution version

BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 21, 2013) - BlumbergExcelsior Inc., a leading supplier of law office supplies, has introduced new wall plaques with the recently amended Statement of Client's Rights for New York.

Marc Moel, Blumberg's Corporate Counsel, provided the background for the new plaques stating, "In April 2013, a New York State Appellate Court issued an Amended Statement of Client's Rights. According to the New York Rules of Court, a copy of this Statement must be posted in every attorney's office in the State of New York." NY 22 NYCRR §1210.1.

In order to help law offices meet this requirement, Blumberg revised the copy on the wall plaques and has been selling them to law offices since the change took place. The plaques come in two sizes, 11-3/4" x 14-1/4" for $79.00 and 14-1/4" x 17-1/4" for $91.00; and three attractive finishes, mahogany/gold, walnut/gold and black/silver. Blumberg can imprint the law firm's name below the Statement of Client's Rights. Shipping is free.

Mr. Moel gave details about the change. "While the changes directed by the court were not extensive, they did serve to clarify and slightly expand the scope of the rights afforded clients of the legal community. The result of these changes more explicitly defined the right of the client to have an impact on the attorney-client relationship. The amended statement expanded the types of requests and information to which attorneys must respond and it required attorneys to explain more clearly and specifically those 'fees and expenses' which are charged and to state how they would be computed. It also more fully empowered the client to assume more assertive control over the attorney-client relationship, substituting 'the right to discharge your attorney' with the prior Statement's 'right to withdraw' from the relationship. These and similar changes provide the client with a more active and empowered role in the attorney-client relationship."

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