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Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP, File a Lawsuit Against AutoAlert, LLC, Alleging Violations of The Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA)

The lawsuit alleges AutoAlert, LLC, violated the California Labor Code by failing to provide their California non-exempt employees with required meal and rest periods.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Los Angeles employment law attorneys at Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP, filed a class action lawsuit against AutoAlert, LLC, alleging that the company violated The Private Attorney General Act and allegedly failed to lawfully calculate and pay their employees the correct overtime. The class action lawsuit against AutoAlert, LLC, is currently pending in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. 30-2019-01114549-CU-OE-CXC. To read a copy of the Complaint, please click here.

The lawsuit filed against AutoAlert, LLC, alleges the company, "(a) failed to provide PLAINTIFF and the other AGGRIEVED EMPLOYEES accurate itemized wage statements, (b) failed to properly record and provide legally required meal and rest periods, (c) failed to pay minimum wages, (d) failed to pay overtime wages, (e) failed to pay wages when due, and (f) failed to reimburse employees for required expenses, all in violation of the applicable Labor Code sections listed in Labor Code Sections §§ 201, 202, 203, 204, 210, 226(a), 226.7, 510, 512, 558(a)(1), 558(a)(2), 1194, 1197, 1197.1, 1198, 2802, and the applicable Industrial Wage Order(s), and thereby gives rise to civil penalties as a result of such alleged conduct."

The lawsuit further alleges the company's non-exempt employees were also allegedly unable to take off duty meal breaks due to their rigorous work schedules. California labor laws require an employer to provide an employee required to perform work for more than five (5) hours during a shift with, a thirty (30) minute uninterrupted meal break prior to the end of the employee's fifth (5th) hour of work. The complaint alleges that the company did not provide their employees who forfeited meal breaks additional compensation.

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