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BMW's i Vision Dynamics Concept shows a 2020s four-door electric saloon

Antti Kautonen

Would it be all right to call this car BMW's future Tesla fighter, or an electric interpretation of the 5-series? This Frankfurt concept, called the BMW i Vision Dynamics, is the first glimpse at the i5 model due in 2021. While the design and detailing will undoubtedly be honed further, this is BMW's 2020s full electric four-door coupe with a 373-mile range and a 120-mph top speed. The concept is said to reach 62 mph in 4 seconds. By 2025, BMW is to offer 25 electrified models, with nearly half of them full-electric.

So far, BMW has offered the i3 and the i8 in its i-model portfolio, and the production version of this will slot in the middle. Details and shapes from both of those cars can be seen in the i Vision Dynamics; the trademark kidneys, which no longer need to feed a gasoline engine with cooling air, have been reformed into a hint of their former shape. The manufacturer says the kidneys now function as an "intelligence surface," referring to the sensors hidden beneath them — most likely for autopilot capabilities among others.

The side window openings have a hint of the Batman logo about them, but the car shape that was hinted at in leaked patent filing renders last year has evolved into something more attractive. BMW describes the car's detailing as minimalistic, referring to the idea of the i-models doing "more with less." At just under 190 inches long, the concept is mid-size. The long wheelbase hints at a sizable interior, even if no details of the interior have been released, not even concept images. And the full-length glass roof would give it an airy cabin. The overhangs are pronouncedly short.