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BMW M4 Might Sport 414HP, Ditch Manual Gearbox (Or Will It?)

Jeff Perez

There’s a whole slew of reports coming in regarding BMW’s new M4 sports coupe. Coming off the concepts unveiling at Pebble Beach, there’s no doubt that we’re excited to see the lean, mean coupe out on the streets. But maybe not the way we originally expected it.

You see, while attending this past weekends Pebble Concours, Autoblog tells us that a “well-placed source” reported a 414-hp 3.0-liter inline-six to sit under the hood, which is promising. But dishearteningly, the source went on to say tell say that BMW would ditch the manual transmission in place of dual-clutch transmission (DCT) as standard. Manual, not an option.

bmw-m4-concept (4)

But not so fast. Conflicting reports from the good folks over at Bimmerpost are saying that BMW officials have flat out denied the lack of a manual transmission. In fact, watching closely at initial spy videos of the M4 (below), you’ll see that the it does appear to be testing with a manual transmission affixed- although nothing’s conclusive.

If this is true, this would be the first time that the M4 (M3 coupe) would come without the option for a manual transmission. No details are set in stone just yet, but we’ll know for sure when the M4 takes the stage in LA. Or maybe Detroit.

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