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BMWi Auron Concept: Electric Crosses Over

Jeff Perez

8 minus 3 equals 5. That’s a pretty simple equation we learned back in grade school, and now it’s forever embedded in our mind. BMW‘s new “i” lineup has started a similar equation, unveiling an i8 and an i3. Based on our logic, an i5 would be next.

Recent reports suggest that BMW is considering expanding its green-thumbed “i” lineup with a mid-range “5” model sometime soon. Whether it will come in the form of a sedan or an SUV has yet to be determined. But one team of German design students are leaning towards the latter.

BMWi Auron 3

This is the BMWi Auron concept; a 16-week, BMW-sponsored project by students at FH Joanneum in Germany. Quite possibly a precursor to just what a production-spec BMW i5 would entail.

Initially, your eyes lend you to believe that much of the design was inspired by the current BMW X lineup. And you’d be right. Many cues from the X5 and X6 can be found in the concept, molding with it the “i” lines cognitive design language of smooth, sophisticated edges, and a long, swooping body angle.

BMWi Auron 4

Of course, a production BMW i5 is still a ways off. But if the concept seen here is any indication, it’s bound to be one electrifying SUV.

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Source: Christopher Braunwieser