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Bob Costas' Eye Infection Is Getting Worse

Tony Manfred
costas eye double infection

NBC via @xmasape

It appears that Bob Costas' eye infection has migrated to his second eye.

The NBC broadcasting legend has been fighting through the infection since the Olympics started on Thursday night. Originally it was only in his left eye, but now both eyes are showing signs of infection.

We wish him all the best with his recovery, and admire his handling of this very unfortunate development.

Here it is now:

bob costas eye worse

NBC via SB Nation

And here it was on last Thursday. On the broadcast that night he said that doctors told him it'd be all cleared up by the weekend.

The right eye looked clean last week (via Deadspin and FTW):

bob costas eye thursday


From the Today Show last week:

bob costas eye

NBC via Deadspin


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