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Bob Dylan Plays Guitar On Stage For The First Time In Four Years

Derrick Rossignol
“Something I Never Could Have Imagined”

At 75 years old, Bob Dylan still manages to tour regularly, but one thing he doesn't do much of anymore is play guitar on stage, usually seated behind a piano instead. This past Thursday, the same day he won a Nobel Prize In Literature, he performed in Las Vegas and started playing guitar midway through "Simple Twist of Fate," which marks the first time he played the instrument on stage in four years.

The last time he picked up a guitar during a performance was November 9, 2012 in Chicago (while joined by Mark Knopfler, no less). In 2009, Dylan explained why he doesn't play the guitar on stage much anymore, saying it's because he couldn't find a keyboard player who performed the way he'd like:

I was looking for a keyboard player to play triplet forms for a long period of time. I tried different musicians for it, and we couldn't find anybody who understood the style of what we were doing and to stay within the boundaries. And, finally, you've just got to do it on your own. As far as guitar, I was looking for a guitar player who could play exactly like me, only better. I can't find that person either. The same thing applies to keyboards. I'm looking for a piano player who can play just like me, only better. If I could find him or her, I would hire that person. So far it hasn't happened. I wish it would. We could do more if I was freed up there.

Watch footage of the performance above.

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