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Body Flex Sports launches StepTrac™ to help you get ahead of the curve

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Aug. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Body Flex Sports, a national leader in at-home fitness equipment, announced today the launch of their latest product, the BST800 Body Power® StepTrac™ 2-in-1 Workout Machine and the grand opening of its online store – Body Flex Sports – for Labor Day.

This machine features its newest patent, a first-of-its-kind, Curve-Crank Technology®, which took over seven years in the US patent application process. It began as a seed of an idea over morning coffee between the founders in 2012 and developed into an innovative and elegant response to a standard straight crank found on typical elliptical bikes.

The exclusive technology is ultra-smooth and offers a zero-impact experience, overcoming the discomfort of a "dead spot" normally found with standard pedals. It is engineered and designed with safety and comfort in mind, through the promotion of a biomechanical flow during cycling. By dispersing force into two flowing directions, it reduces impact and stress on joints. With its design, the elliptical machine has truly been innovated upon in a fundamental way for the first time without requiring high-tech.

In a multi-trillion dollar wellness economy, it is clear that consumers are seeking ways to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. The StepTrac™ offers a solution for time-strapped consumers by including a 12-minute video designed to give a full body workout in a high-impact, time-efficient, and safe way. 

This revolutionary machine combines two exercise movements in one, and offers eight levels of resistance control, adjustable in height and connected to a silent and smooth magnetic 14 lbs. flywheel. Other features include a simple and straight-forward LCD monitor that keeps track of distance, speed, time, and calories; transport wheels for portability; two sets of foam-covered handlebars for comfortable gripping; and finally, it is the most compact design in the class.

The BST800 Body Power® StepTrac™ 2-in-1 Workout Machine is perfect for any fitness level and affordable, retailing for $519.99. It can be found online through the Body Flex Sports website and other major retailers.

About Body Flex Sports

Body Flex Sports, owned by Hupa International, was founded in 1992, with four offices around the globe. Its headquarters is located in Orange County in the city of Walnut, CA. With 27 years in business and a track record for success and reliability, Body Flex Sports is an established and well-respected industry leader.

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