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Boeing’s New 787s Flee Florence in a Cross-Country Exodus

Justin Bachman, Julie Johnsson
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    Mondo R
    Yes, avoiding a hurricane is like avoiding a freight train, get off the track. You have DAYS of notice. Don't "stock up", PACK UP, and hit the road at least 48 hours before landfall.
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    If Boeing is heeding the warning, I would think all who lives in the area should also leave. Be safe everyone.
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    Can imagine this is the phone call Boeing doesn’t want to hear after the storm:

    “Hi, is this Boeing? Are you guys missing something... like maybe an airplane? I’m asking because it’s on top of where my house used to be. Can you send someone out to pick it up?”
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    William Later
    I pulled up a satellite map of the Boeing Charleston facility, they have parking for 12 planes outside the assembly building.
    Completed planes that are being outfitted with interiors are moved in and out of the assembly building. Those are the planes they flew out.

    Planes not ready are being assembled in the plant.

    You do not want to have a $300 million plane damaged.
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    First the Navy sends 30 ships out of Norfolk out to open seas and now Boeing sending it's planes to the west coast. Good move.
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    That cost some $$money to fly those to Seattle to finish. How about building a factory out of the constant path of hurricanes? OOPS! Too Late!
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    Learn from company Boeing who moved assets to west to save from damage of Hurricane Francis we human should also learn from this move out of Francis path so save life
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    This would be news if we didn't do it every time sever weather threatened our products. Same as the military and all the airlines around the World!
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    Recently, there has been a report that the City of Renton has waived some ground control parameters to permit Boeing to park unfinished 737s on the airport adjacent to their assembly plant, there, a few miles from Paine Field. I wonder how the City feels now, seeing aircraft shuttled 3,000 miles to occupy another airfield almost within eyeshot of theirs?
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    they are used now..