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Boeing says joint 787 review comes after 'in-service issues'

Boeing announced in a press release that it "is confident in the design and performance of the 787." The company added the 787 "is a safe and efficient airplane that brings tremendous value to our customers and an improved flying experience to their passengers." The airplane has logged 50,000 hours of flight and there are more than 150 flights occurring daily, Boeing said. Its in-service performance is on par with the industry's best-ever introduction into service – the Boeing 777. The company said it is seeing the 787's fleet wide dispatch reliability well above 90%. "We remain fully confident in the airplane's design and production system," it added. Boeing went on to say, "While the 787's reliability is on par with the best in class, we have experienced in-service issues in recent months and we are never satisfied while there is room for improvement. For that reason, today we jointly announced with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration the start of a review of the 787's recent issues and critical systems."