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Boeing Is Falling On Eric Cantor's Shocking Defeat

Myles Udland
Boeing 15

David Ryder/Reuters

Boeing lost a friend in Eric Cantor last night.

Shares of Boeing are down more than 2% following the primary defeat of Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, reports Bloomberg

Cantor's loss could put reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank  — which assists in financing the export of U.S. goods to international markets — at risk. 

Financing from the Export-Import Bank would support $10 billion worth of Boeing's 2014 sales, Bloomberg said. 

Chris Krueger, senior policy analyst at Guggenheim told Bloomberg in an email that Boeing was the "biggest loser" besides Cantor.

In its first-quarter earnings release, Boeing said 37% of its $67 billion of backlog order in its defense, space, and security segment were with international customers.

Boeing is the biggest loser in the blue-chip Dow Jones industrial average.  

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