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Boise State runner calls out commentators for objectifying comments

Allie Ostrander called out the ESPN commentators. (AP)

Boise State distance runner Allie Ostrander is punching back against commentators who commented on her appearance at an event.

In an Instagram post, the 22-year-old Ostrander called out commentators for making comments she deemed “objectifying and unnecessary.”

Ostrander identified the commentators as ESPN employees, but the network says that’s not the case.

In a statement, ESPN told Yahoo Sports the comments about Ostrander’s height and weight were made by the in-venue announcer at the event. ESPN added that the “baby-faced assassin” comment was said in 2018, but will not be used again.

“We greatly appreciate Allie bringing this important conversation to light. Commentary about height & weight was not broadcast on ESPN. The remark in question was made by the in-venue announcer at the championship.”

With regard to the “baby faced assassin” comment said in 2018 by both commentators, it was not used in 2019 and will not be used at all moving forward. We’re glad Allie brought it to our attention so we could address internally.”

This year, Ostrander said the announcer referred to her height and weight numerous times. Not only was that objectifying, but the actual figures the commentators cited were incorrect.

As Ostrander went on to explain, track and field is a sport “where eating disorders and body dysmorphia are so common.” She believed this was an opportunity to make both women and men who run track feel “capable, powerful and worthy.”

Ostrander won her third-straight 3,000-meter steeplechase title at the event. She’s a semifinalist to win The Bowerman — one of track and field’s most distinguished awards.


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