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Bolstering Its Team, Uplinq Financial Technologies Welcomes Industry Renowned Data & Analytics Leader Allison Sagraves as Board Advisor


TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 1, 2022 / Uplinq Financial Technologies - the first global credit assessment and scoring platform for SMB lenders - today announced the addition of Allison Sagraves to its board of advisors, where she will help steer Uplinq's strategic direction.

Sagraves is a prominent expert in data and analytics and previously served as founding Chief Data Officer of M&T Bank, a Top 20 U.S. bank. Named to 2022 Top 100 Global Data and Analytics Innovators, among multiple other accolades, Sagraves advises start-ups, companies, and leaders on data monetization and strategy.

"As in any purpose-driven company, our greatest asset is our people. Uplinq prides itself in bringing aboard some of the most brilliant minds in the industry to join our team - Allison embodies this in every way," said Ron Benegbi, Founder and CEO of Uplinq. "I'm grateful for this collaboration and look forward to seeing Allison's indelible mark reflected in all of our efforts to promote financial inclusion. A relentless champion for positive change, Allison will not only challenge but also improve the status quo - in both our data strategy and beyond."

"I'm thrilled to join Uplinq, where I have the opportunity to help advance a different kind of credit assessment for SMB lenders," said Allison Sagraves, board advisor for Uplinq. "I am no stranger to shaping the industry I'm in, as evidenced by more than three decades of my career in financial services and data and analytics - but transforming small business credit lending is an entirely different terrain for everybody. Of course, that makes this endeavor all the more exciting. Uplinq has been on such a promising growth trajectory in recent months, for good reason, and I look forward to the journey ahead together."

In addition to Uplinq, Sagraves also advises other innovative startups in the data sector, including DataOps.live and Ultranauts Inc. She also consults and delivers content on data management concepts for organizations like the American Bankers Association and Datacamp.

Sagraves holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, is a 3X Global Data Power Women recipient and is a founding Adjunct Faculty member and Advisor for the Carnegie Mellon University Chief Data and Analytics Officer Program, where she helps develop the next generation of data leaders.

About Uplinq

As the first global credit & scoring assessment platform for small business lenders, Uplinq is a purpose driven company with a mission to help small business owners gain access to fair and ethical credit, while enhancing SMB lending practices for all lenders globally. Uplinq's breakthrough technology empowers lenders to approve and manage risks on loans they would have otherwise declined based on traditional loan underwriting criteria, while incorporating environmental, market & community data to better understand the specific loan applicant. Its technology has served as a foundation for more than $1.4 Trillion in underwritten loans. Learn more about Uplinq at uplinq.co and connect with them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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