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Bolt Seal Supplier, American Casting & Manufacturing, Discusses When a Bolt Seal is Classified as a High Security Seal

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Keeping your cargo secure and protected is one of the main concerns for a business transporting goods. However, knowing what kind of seal to buy can be slightly confusing for the inexperienced shipper. In order to make a well-informed decision in the best interest of your business, it's important to know what makes a high-quality security seal. One of the most reliable security seals in cargo transportation is the bolt seal, which can be labelled as high security if the right qualifications are met. Bolt seals supplier, American Casting and Manufacturing, discusses when a bolt seal is classified as a high security seal.

About ISO PAS 17712 Standards
One of the first things you need to know about high security bolt seals is that they need to meet the classification criteria laid out by the ISO PAS 17712 standards. Seals that meet these standards are legally classified, under the authority of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), as seals that have met or surpassed the regulations laid out by these standards. This distinction means that your seals are high-quality and high-security, ensuring your business with more reliability and protection at the highest international standard.

Why is this Distinction Important?
Besides the whole "highest international standard" qualification, there's another major reason to learn about high-security seals: if you plan on shipping internationally, all containers are required to be sealed with high security seals that meet the ISO PAS 17712 standards.

Meeting ISO PAS 17712 Standards
In order to meet these standards for a high security seal, a thorough testing process must take place. The first test determines the physical strength of the seal, while the second determines the tamper-evidence. The former ensures the seal is reliable, durable, and strong, while the latter requires seals to show any indication of tampering. These two tests combined form the requirements that need to be met in order for a bolt seal to be classified as a high security seal. This testing is done very thoroughly and accurately to ensure that each seal rightfully earns its ISO distinction. Following the tests, the seal can be marked with a capital H to indicate that it is indeed a high security seal fit for international security standards.

Understanding how to properly protect and secure your cargo is key for any business planning on shipping large cargos across the country or across the globe. Investing in high security seals, even when not required, can potentially save your business a lot of headaches and give you some peace of mind knowing your cargo is protected.

About American Casting and Manufacturing
American Casting and Manufacturing tamper evident seals supplier is a New York based, family-owned manufacturing company that produces high-quality customizable security seals, including bolt seals, container seals, and trailer seals, across a wide range of industries. Through innovative production, customer service, and both employee loyalty and respect, the tamper evident seals manufacturer has been producing high-quality seals for over 100 years. The company conforms to the highest standards, meeting the requirements of ISO-9001:2015 quality management systems.


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