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Bond Futures: Put On Your Trading Shoes

Jack Broz
Broz on Bonds

Bonds: 155.22; 147.24 Let's plan to just trade Wednesday and use this space to talk about where the moves will come: favor follow-thru above 151.05 and below 149.23.

• 10’s: 135.075; 132.095 Things get interesting above 134.065 (to move to at least 134.11 and WANT to print 134.245) and below 133.145/09 (to test 133.00-132.215).

• 5’s: Guard against being caught long below 124.12. … 125.00_2 is a good "first-touch" fade.
• SP’s: Trade below 1395 prints 1390; from there 1386 is solid support but a failure there will be the trigger for lower trade. The bulls do best by controlling 1413.50.