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Boog Powell met the original Boog Powell then chatted with another Boog Powell

Boog Powell and Boog Powell finally met each other. One is currently with the Athletics, and the other is a retired former Orioles star. (Twitter/@masnOrioles)

Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017 will forever be known as the Meeting of the Boogs. Boog Powell met Boog Powell, and then they video chatted with Boog Powell.

That isn’t just one guy meeting himself and then having a FaceTime call also with himself. Three different guys named Boog Powell, all involved in baseball, interacted on Tuesday in an event that has never happened before, and maybe will never again.

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Let’s meet our Boogs. It all started with the original Boog Powell, star for the Baltimore Orioles in the 1960s. Now he’s got Boog’s BBQ, a stand named for him at Camden Yards, and that actually brings us to the new Boog. Oakland Athletics outfielder Boog Powell’s real name is Herschel Mack Powell IV, and according to Sports Illustrated, his parents actually nicknamed him after the original Boog. On Monday night, the new Boog hit his first career home run while the Athletics were visiting the Orioles, and it landed just a few feet away from Boog’s BBQ. It was as if fate had willed it to happen.

Just one day later, the original Boog and the new Boog met each other and ate — what else? — Boog’s BBQ.

And Boog the elder even explained where his nickname came from, courtesy of the Baltimore Sun:

“In Lakeland, Florida, the was a radio show called ‘Dr. Boogit,’ he explained, “and my Aunt Eunice came over when I was about a couple months old and said ‘Where’s that little Boogit at?’ and they just started calling me Boog.”

There is one original Boog Powell, and all other Boog nicknames flow from him.

We’ve covered the original Orioles Boog and the younger Athletics Boog, but where’s the third Boog? Well, the third Boog is actually just a kid. He’s a Little Leaguer from Tennessee, and he couldn’t be there to meet Boog 1 and Boog 2 in person. So the two older Boogs called Boog 3 on FaceTime to complete the Meeting of the Boogs.

All three existing Boog Powells on planet Earth (that we know of) were talking to each other at the exact same time. It’s a miracle a wormhole didn’t open up and swallow us all.

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