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A Book to Help People Achieve Success and Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

MODERN WEALTH BUILDING FORMULA: How to Master Real Estate Investing by Ken Van Liew, P.E.

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Calling on more than 30 years' experience in building his Real Estate investments, one of the world's most prominent experts, Ken Van Liew, is sharing his formula for success in the Modern Wealth Building Formula. Ken has used this remarkably simple yet powerful investing formula to find, fund, and facilitate the properties he built in his Real Estate business.

This book is filled with crucial insights, cutting-edge techniques and strategies for effortlessly finding and evaluating profitable deals, creating unlimited funding, and successfully turning these deals into cash flow.

In these pages, explained in plain English, you'll discover…

  • How to use the Modern Wealth Building Formula to create true financial freedom for you and your family
  • Strategies to effortlessly FIND, FUND, and FACILITATE profitable Real Estate deals, while creating unlimited funding for Real Estate transactions
  • How a diversified Real Estate portfolio can maximize upside and minimize downside while insulating you and your family from the inevitable market changes
  • The fastest way to put money back in your pocket by leveraging you and your team's efforts to create revenue streams
  • How to master evaluating the market so you can have the competitive advantage and make smart Real Estate investments
  • How to start your own Real Estate Investment Company and turn it into a full-time business

When you systematically implement the Modern Wealth Building Formula, you will be well on your way to accelerating your business and growing your wealth.

Praise for Modern Wealth Building Formula:
"The secret to success in wealth building is deconstructing the complex, and creating a simple blueprint to follow. Ken is a magician when it comes to this! He has engineered a process that will allow you to realize the same level of success that he has experienced. Well done, Ken!"
—Carl Gould, #1 Bestselling Author, International Entrepreneur of the Year

"When you see the legacy Ken built in New York City, it's astounding!  If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off to him." 
Dolf de Roos, New York Times and Wall Street Bestselling Author, Real Estate Riches

"I know a billionaire that used Ken's Formula, Listen to this guy, real estate equals success."
Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

About the author
Ken Van Liew is an author, educator, engineer and one of Manhattan's most successful skyscraper experts. He has earned international praise for his work in the building trades and has overseen the investment, finance and development of numerous residential, commercial and retail projects. Mr. Van Liew has managed the syndication and development of high-profile real estate investments totaling more than $1.3 billion in capital investments, including 1,500 luxury high-rise residential units, a three million-square-foot commercial office and residential quick turn, and a fix and flip system that has completed over 3,000 transactions. Mr. Van Liew has co-authored books, Secrets How to Create & Master Clients for Life and How to Buy Your Dream Home with Little or No Money Down, Even With Imperfect Credit, and shares his wisdom with clients of his Real Estate Investing and Wealth Builders Mastermind programs. He lives in New Jersey. Visit www.kenvanliew.com.

About the book
Title: Modern Wealth Building Formula: How to Master Real Estate Investing
Author: Ken Van Liew
Pub Date: November 19, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-7338004-1-9

Contact for Ken Van Liew:
Theresa Klekar, (609) 439-1357


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