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Book Prunelle Launches Online Children's Book Publishing Platform To Help Shape Children's Brains

TOULOUSE, France, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blandine Carsalade, author and founder of Book Prunelle, announce the launch of her unique online and interactive children's book platform that offers picture books for children to actually shape and develop a child's brain in a new way.

Blandine understands the psychology of how the brain works and reacts when experiencing a story. Through her books, she is able to enrich the way stories are told. Research suggests that when we hear a story, not only are the language processing parts in our brain activated, but any other area in our brain that we would use when experiencing the events of the story are too. This allows us to use parts of our brain to process a story and how to solve it in reality, preparing us to better handle real-life situations. Scientists are discovering that chemicals like cortisol, dopamine, and oxytocin are released in the brain when we're told a story.

"We offer children a way to scratch their digital itch that also plants the seeds of social consciousness as well as address tough issues in an entertaining, educational, socially conscious way," says Blandine. "Specifically we help children build community consciousness and emotional intelligence through the magic of storytelling in its most effective form; through picture books."

Book Prunelle is redefining the way children will interpret and interact with books by taking them through an experience that will provide far more than just a bedtime story. Research shows that picture books contain a more advanced language than books without pictures, leading publishers to praise the picture book for the way it can actually develop a child's critical thinking skills. Pictures also offer a more effective way to not only transmit information but to actually retain it long term. The development of these cognitive skills are especially useful when dealing with tough issues, and helping children understand the complex world around them.

About Blandine Carsalade:
Blandine was born in Kazadi Wunba in Congo and at the age of two moved to France with her family where she was raised. She spent much of her childhood at the library and that is where she first discovered her love for books. Blandine pursued an education in Business and got her Master's degree in Finance which led her to a life rich in traveling and adventures. It was years later after she had worked in finance, traveled and started to raise a family that she felt her life was lacking the passion she once felt. This led Blandine to rediscover her passion for books and it was in sharing this experience with her children that the idea for Book Prunelle was born.

About Book Prunelle:
Book Prunelle was born from Blandine Carsalade's, founder and CEO, passion for reading but realizing children deserve better than the fairy tale stories we tell them. Blandine wanted to write "real" fairy tales with well-developed stories that tackled a wide variety of subjects. Book Prunelle aims to create engaging, culturally aware, powerful literary works that invite readers to think about our world and the social and environmental challenges it faces. Book Prunelle is an environmentally and socially conscious platform that chose to offer their books in an online format rather than contribute to the killing of more trees and the burning of toxic chemicals.

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