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New Book Shares Moving Story of Self-Reflection and Personal Growth Through Healing and Spirituality

Annabelle Glasse illustrates Ella Staines' search for a deeper meaning and purpose of life in her new novel, "Ella: Unmasking the Fairytale"

QUEENSLAND, Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Life comes with diverse paths, experiences, and uncertainties. Everyone's journey is different and unique. Author Annabelle Glasse introduces mother and wife, Ella Staines, whose life may seem perfect on paper, yet she is searching for a new meaning and purpose.    

In "Ella: Unmasking the Fairytale," Glasse gives readers a glimpse into Ella's journey and how it was an awakening that eventually set her free. Ella explores her life's purpose and takes spiritual and personal risks along the way. Throughout her quest, she discovers that she has the choice to change her life's meaning. With the guidance of her wellness group and mentors, Ella encounters her demons, unhealthy patterns, and egoistic ways that once defined her existence. Ella's exploration will help readers who wish to understand and access their life's possibilities. The book expresses that life is too short to settle with unhappiness.

"When I read a book it inevitably has the 'happy' ending, fairytale closure. In 'Ella: Unmasking the Fairytale,' my focus was to show true characters who are fallible and unlikable. In the beginning of the novel, Ella is not someone that others may be drawn to and despite her obvious care for her family, her religion and her work, she is not true to herself. By sharing Ella's story, I wish to show what I believe many women and men do to themselves in order to survive their lives," said Glasse.

Throughout the novel, Glasse stresses the importance of honesty with and love for yourself and your true purpose. She goes so far as to say that it is her primary purpose. Regardless of the circumstances and what may be left behind, to maintain a constant vigilance for the revelation of one's own truth. Ella's story illustrates the realities and struggles that individuals face in life. She experiences personal growth through the healing process by self-reflecting on her past.

"Ella: Unmasking the Fairytale"
By Annabelle Glasse
ISBN: 9781504317399 (softcover); 9781504317405 (ebook)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press

About the author
Annabelle Glasse is a teacher, artist and humanities student, and holds a Master of Education degree. She has been a part of the writing community for 30 years and has been included in several anthologies of short stories and has drafted many books. Writing "Ella: Unmasking the Fairytale" is a part of her new passion of writing that she will continue to focus on. Having raised three children and divorced, Glasse has set out to create, design, and write while recognizing the gifts in herself and others. She believes that this path leads to her original blueprint, a destination that she hopes to reach some day.

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