Bookaway Group Rebrands as Travelier to Unify the Ground Transportation Industry

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Leading travel tech company aims to strengthen its market-leadership transforming ground and sea transportation

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Travelier (formerly Bookaway Group), an online platform for ground and sea transportation worldwide, today announced the unveiling of its new name, officially uniting the company's multiple subsidiaries under one cohesive umbrella. Travelier is determined to unify the fragmented ground and sea sector of the travel industry by bridging the gap between offline local suppliers and world travelers who are used to booking travel itineraries online.

50% of flight and hotel tickets are bought online, while the market share for ground and sea transportation still remains under 15%. Travelier is on a mission to change this, positioning themselves as a market leader, enabling modern travelers to seamlessly book train, ferry and bus tickets around the world. Founded in 2017, Travelier's global network of digital platforms improves the travel experience by providing first-rate, industry-leading services from suppliers so that travelers all around the world can experience stress-free travel and simply enjoy the ride. Travelier utilizes its advanced expertise and technology to provide tour operators with the tools and solutions they need to grow, helping local transportation suppliers manage their inventory, leverage untapped data, and increase their visibility and control.

In addition, in order to scale up and increase ground and sea transportation operations globally, the company is investing in its centralized data platform, 'Travelier Connect'. Suppliers will have access to an innovative, customizable and centralized solution with access to a wealth of information and the means to meet growing consumer demands with as little friction as possible.

In 2022, Travelier focused on the growth and consolidation of five travel transportation companies acquired during the pandemic – Getbybus servicing the Balkans, 12Go in Southeast Asia, SeatOS for the Asia Pacific market, and Plataforma10 and Sisorg servicing Latin America – under one corporate identity. Driven by a love for travel, and innovation, Travelier will ensure that each subsidiary under its umbrella will maintain their unique identity whilst still being fully supported by its cutting-edge technology.

"We have accomplished tremendous growth in such a short time, and proven ourselves to be risk takers, purchasing several travel platforms during the global pandemic incorporated under one entity," said Noam Toister, co-founder and CEO of Travelier. "We realized that the next step was to focus on building our brand loyalty and global recognition. Years of steady growth and expansion have now afforded us the opportunity to invest in a cohesive brand and differentiate ourselves from other key players in the travel ecosystem."

Travelier worked together with Ari & Friends, a U.S. branding agency, who has previously worked with companies like TripAdvisor, SkyScanner, and Virgin Atlantic. The new brand is effective immediately. Visit to explore the website and learn about Travelier's offerings.

About Travelier

Travelier, formerly known as Bookaway Group, is a travel-tech company, revolutionizing ground and sea transportation for travelers. Travelier's network of digital platforms allow customers to instantly buy intercity tickets to ferries, buses and trains in local markets which can be usually complex, enabling stress-free travel across the globe. Since its founding in 2017, Travelier has worked to bridge the gap between international travelers and local transportation suppliers – empowering suppliers to grow their businesses, all while easing travel anxiety for the consumer. Travelier's mission to facilitate memorable journeys is not only at the root of their proprietary platform but stretches across their wide range of subsidiaries – Getbybus servicing the Balkans, 12Go in Southeast Asia, SeatOS for the Asia Pacific market, and Plataforma10 and Sisorg servicing Latin America. For more information, visit

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Bookaway Group Becomes Travelier
Bookaway Group Becomes Travelier

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