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Boomer Golf Congratulates Brandt Jobe on Boeing Classic Victory

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Boomer Golf, your personal wellness partner for golfers everywhere, congratulates Brandt Jobe on his Boeing Classic victory.   Brandt's stellar play in the final round included a staggering 10 birdies en-route to a 63 and his second career PGA Tour Champions title. A force since his 1988 NCAA Division I championship run, Jobe has won on four professional tours across the globe throughout his career.

Boomer Golf, whose spirited mantra is "Your Wellness is Not a Luxury" offers wellness solutions for golfers of all walks. Boomer Golf has been proudly endorsed by Brandt Jobe during the 2019 season. "We could not be more proud of Brandt. His victory took patience, determination and ultimate focus. We are very happy for Brandt and his family. It is a great honor to play a part in Brandt's wellness journey and help him feel his best so he can play his best. Congratulations Brandt on your phenomenal final round and inspiring win," says Mike Quaid, COO of Boomer Natural Wellness.

For those who want to unlock the secrets to wellness that Brandt has been touting, Boomer Golf offers a comprehensive suite of health and wellness products that include Hemp CBD tinctures, gummies and a highly effective Pain Relief Roll-On. Jobe has used these products and credits Boomer Golf with helping improve his game.

Jobe has battled through multiple surgeries in his career and knows how important feeling right is to his game. "I've had eight surgeries all on the left side of my body, ranging from my fingers to my shoulder. I've taken a lot of pain-relieving meds over the years just to be able to keep playing the game I love. Ibuprofen and aspirin were a part of my daily routine, but not anymore. I have literally cut those out of my life. If you could take a natural product and get better results without harming your body, why wouldn't you do that?" says Jobe.

Boomer Golf is proudly represented by Brandt Jobe and our products can be found in golf stores near you or directly online at www.boomergolf.com.  Boomer Golf products have zero THC and are made in accordance with PGA Tour guidelines.    

Boomer Golf Press Contact: Suzanne Hobbs
Cell: 843-368-3511


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