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Boomer Yoda and Yoda Baby Meme Is Destroying the Internet

Ryan Britt

If you’re not watching the new Star Wars seriesThe Mandalorian, get ready to be spoiled big time. But if you are, you probably have one huge question: How the hell is baby Yoda and will he show up again in future Star Wars movies?

While the answer to this question hasn’t been answered yet (and likely won’t be until the end of The Mandalorian) another question that we never knew we had, has been answered. What would legit, old school Yoda think of the Yoda baby on The Mandalorian? A hilarious new meme has the answer.

Recently, Tom Constantino, a producer on the popular show, The Orville, tweeted out a new meme about the “Yoda baby” on the series, The Mandalorian. Basically, in old Yoda gives baby Yoda some advice and baby Yoda responds with “Ok, Boomer,” but in Yoda-speak; “Boomer, ok.”

It’s a freaking hilarious meme and not only highlights the slightly absurd faux-generational war between boomers and millennials but because it’s just funny as fuck.

To be clear, regular Yoda and baby Yoda will probably never meet in The Mandalorian, and we may never get a good answer to the question of the origin of this little would-be Jedi. But for now, thinking about baby Yoda is giving us something better than answers to complicated Star wars questions. It’s making us laugh.

The next episode of The Mandalorian drops on Friday, November 22. Here’s a complete guide to watching all the episodes when they air.  

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