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Boomers had Pet Rock - Now There's the Knock Block

Ultimate Novelty Gift Knock Block by Innovaum Makes Innovation Approachable with World's Greatest Extra

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With the release of a very bizarre series of product videos this month, Innovaum product development and Originator Studios introduced the world to The Knock Block, a novelty gift ensuring that "while the world may be spinning out of control, you can still have luck on your side!" with help from a convenient block of timber and the magical Tiggy Touchwood played by Jesse Heiman, World's Greatest Extra. Parent company Innovaum encourages innovators to pursue their own product development using the Knock Block to make "making" more approachable. The Knock Block is now a real item available for purchase via getknockblock.com.

"If the Knock Block can be real, almost anything can be. We love the absurdity of it. Deciding to make a product, or to innovate at all, requires persistence and a readiness to think outside the box and be absurd. Innovaum can help bring your ideas and visions to reality and to the world - knock on wood." Alan Morgan, Innovaum CEO and President. 

The Knock Block product video stars the geek who made out with Bar Refaeli in the GoDaddy Superbowl commercial, Jesse Heiman, known by his fans as the world's greatest extra. "This is Heiman's first lead role and his performance is pretty amazing. He's the actor you didn't know you knew revealing the product you didn't know you needed." - Willie Rockefeller, Originator Studios

View The Knock Block commercials here

"The videos portray Heiman as Tiggy Touchwood, the magical being that lives inside the Knock Block, who is in charge of deciding people's fate when they say "knock on wood". The story weaves through several scenarios where people say "knock on wood," and Tiggy (Heiman) has no problem serving justice. We're going out on a limb here, but we think you'll find Jesse Heiman's performance oddly endearing." - Derek Gildersleeve, Originator Studios. 

If you find yourself saying "What did I just see? Did someone really make that?" - that's the point. Visit Innovaum and get "Making." In the meanwhile, pick up a Knock Block. You never know when you'll need luck on your side.



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