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Boris Dzhingarov of ESBO Releases Guide to Socially Responsible Marketing

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria--(Newsfile Corp. - February 8, 2022) - ESBO's Boris Dzhingarov is challenging the norms of traditional marketing, touting that, "Marketing has always been a key component of a consumerist society, from personal gadgets to food, marketing can change the way that the world is perceived." He goes on to highlight that for the longest time, marketing has led the masses to believe that milk is good for health, but the fact remains that cow's milk and dairy products can exacerbate health problems, such as stomach problems and calcium deficiencies when consumed in excess.

"This is the power that marketing holds, and ESBO has a bone to pick with how marketing is managed and is taking a stand for ethical marketing," says the CEO of ESBO.

The company has a comprehensive published guide which is found here and it discusses how consumers are driving a change in marketing by becoming more conscious about the products that they purchase. It goes into detail about what constitutes ethical marketing and how companies can navigate marketing practices in the modern age.

Prior to digitization and the access of information afforded by the world wide web, consumers were happy to consume anything that was considered to meet their needs. If the price is right and the product is effective, that was more than enough to ensure its success. However, Millennials have taken it upon themselves to look into how manufacturers were producing their products and whether they meet their expectations, which include philanthropic and environmental impacts. The previous years have created a toxic environment for unethical companies to thrive, from subjugating those in poverty as well as wreaking havoc on the natural world.

The call to ethical farming, sustainable production of materials and products, and social responsibility are crucial to move forward in order to ensure that working environments for those in mass manufacturing are improved and that the environment stands a better chance at healing. Millennials are driving this change with their higher buying power and better understanding of the conditions as well as the repercussions of manufacturing, which in turn drives their sense of social responsibility.

Marketers have to navigate a whole new world of sensitivities and ensure that they aren't tone-deaf to the generation of conscious consumers. From a profitable standpoint, it is a blow to the economy, but only because it has been capitalizing on ignorance and unethical practices. However, it is a moment for change, and once that change has taken hold, it will create a new world filled with kinder and gentler practices which does not exploit those in vulnerable states, such as poverty-stricken citizens of the world, as well as nature, both of which have been suffering greatly under the need to produce everything cheaply, and yet receive the brunt of consequences that unethical production incurs.

As Boris Dzhingoarov puts it, "It's no longer a dog-eat-dog world but rather a world in which we are all up against the same dangers of pandemics and global warming. And if you are a marketer in the 21st century, it is time to forget the old ways and get on with the new, if you want to succeed."

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