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.BOSTON webpages (www.example.boston) Soon to Change Bostonian Internet landscape

BOSTON, May 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A project to create .BOSTON web Internet addresses, www.example.boston will soon reach fruition after years of planning. This will allow new websites like www.fashion.boston, www.baseball.boston, www.education.boston, etc. and will create a whole new space for Internet pages, services and applications related to the city.

From as early as now, individuals and corporations can express their interest in .BOSTON web addresses and claim their localized Bostonian web address. A big rush to get the best website names is anticipated as has happened in the past for the .NYC and the .MIAMI domain extensions. For these two cities, thousands of domains were claimed when the domains became available. As of today, around 80,000 .NYC web domains are registered to companies and individuals in New York City.

Domain names have become the real estate of the Internet world. Some domains get bought and sold for millions of dollars and there is actually a vibrant market that trades with these assets every day. Some early adopters of .COM domains have made millions, having paid a minor amount at the beginning. This is one of the reasons that anticipates a big rush to get the best domains. It may take a while for .BOSTON domains to be worth millions of dollars but as the Internet evolves and less memorable, brandable and senseful domains remain available, these assets are poised to claim significant value over time.

.BOSTON domains are also an excellent choice for local businesses, organizations and institutions. www.yourbusiness.boston makes a lot more sense than www.yourbusinessboston.com, or www.yourbusiness-boston.com.  These domains clearly define and strengthen the brand of any city related venture or website. Having a .BOSTON domain will add an interesting cache to any website that uses it as its digital presence.

Domain registrar Hello Internet, authorized .BOSTON registration service, has set base in Boston and launched a pre-registration service at www.hellodotboston.com where companies and individuals can request the coveted Internet names. According to the company´s executives, "Although .BOSTON domains can be pre-applied for today, sites will only become live starting July of this year. Only then will the City/Registry activate the domains and launch the first .BOSTON websites. Applications made at this time will be held by the registrar HelloDotBoston until the system is fully live. Some domains may get rejected if they are reserved as premium domains, not allowed for registration by the City/Registry, or fail to be secured by Hello Internet registrar." 

It is important to note that trademarks will be granted a prioritized access to the registration of the domains, followed by the general public. This will protect established companies and brands from being registered by parties that don´t have a legitimate claim on these names. After trademarks get their prioritized access, domains for the general public will start becoming live.

We can expect to see these cool new Internet names starting July, and fully out there in September. One of the biggest opportunities and changes in the Boston Internet scene is about to happen and it will not repeat itself again. Once launched the opportunity will be gone for many and will have been seized by the early adopters. Are you getting your .BOSTON domain name? www.your.boston? More information and all the details can be found at www.hellodotboston.com or contacting Hello Internet admin@hello.co .

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